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Eco Champs

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children"

The Problem

With forests equivalent to 48 football fields being cut down every minute across the world today and more plastic than fish expected in the oceans by 2050 because of human activities, we are already inhabiting a dying planet.


Our children aren’t equipped with the right knowledge or skill to fight this alarming present and future.

The Programme

Eco-Champs is an environment sensitisation program to empower students to become proactive practitioners of eco-friendly lifestyle through an immersive and hands on experience spanned across 5 months. 

The program also builds 21st century life skills including compassion, team work, critical thinking and problem solving in the children to enable change in their communities.

The program has impacted 22 schools in Chennai to become eco-friendly campuses and mentored 2700+ students to become eco-conscious. To read more about the impact, feel free to browse our Annual Report

With Season 3, we look forward to sprouting the program virtually in every city, school and home with our revamped model to create thousands of eco-champs!

We’re currently accepting applications for the academic year 2021-2022. We will be launching the next season of

Eco Champs in July 2021 and we will connect with you then.

The Approach

The Programme

The Sessions

Sign up for a demo as a parent because your children should care for mother earth as much as you care for them. Click here to read more.

Sign up for a demo as a school because it’s the need of the hour for every institution to shape eco-conscious thinkers and leaders. Click here to read more

The Process


We enjoyed the Eco-Champs sessions a lot and getting inspired by these activities I went and told my father that I am interested to try it at home as well. Hence, we dug a pit and started composting at home. I also started growing plants like spinach, grapes, and other vegetables at home.

– Bharanidharan, Student

Eco Champs taught our students eco-friendly activities like waste segregation, composting, and nutrition gardening among others. Every session was accompanied by hands-on activities, hence the practice slowly became a habit for the children and many of them started practicing composting and growing plants at home as well.

-Chitra ma’am 



Students from classes 6-9 can enrol themselves. Students from all class and age groups are welcome to join the monthly Children’s Huddle.

The entire program comprises 10 sessions spanned around 5 months. The children will be engaged during alternate weeks(day can be mutually decided) for 1.5 hours per session. For example, 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.

Yes, you can post. During the enrollment process, you can share the slot of your preference.

Eco-Champs Season 3 is totally virtual and hence students from any part of the globe can sign up for it.

The sessions will be taken by our trained volunteers or eco-mentors. These volunteers are college students, working professionals, home-makers, self employed, retired citizens or even senior school students who choose to take out time from their schedule to contribute back to society.

The program has impacted 22 schools to become eco-friendly campuses and mentored 2700+ students to become eco-conscious. As part of the interventions, 16 kitchen gardens were set up, 600+ color coded dustbins installed in schools to segregate waste at source and more than 100KGs compost produced out of wet waste.

Yes, Eco-Champs sessions are curated aligning them with the school curriculum. However, the approach is more fiercely focussed on practical learning and building leadership qualities in the child.

Environment  sensitisation is an urgent need of the hour. Water, air, land pollution is on the rise and our children from cities and towns are even more prone to it. Most school curriculums do not provide enough exposure to build students’ awareness and skills about environmental issues. Eco-Champs fills that gap by offering practical learning in addition to these and leadership qualities.

We would be glad if you could support your child with keeping some very easily available items before each session such as vegetable seeds, plastic bottles, scissors, basic stationary and the like. Your eco-mentor will share the list of items 2 weeks in advance.

The expectation from the guardians is minimal but if you’re keen there are plenty of ways in which you can support your child such as co-learn with your child, sustain the eco-friendly practices taught in the session and help them with the Do-It-yourself activities!

Yes, you can but we request you to attend the Demo to get all your doubts clarified

The Demo session is for parents and their children to get a glimpse into what a session of Eco-Champs would be like. The Demo session also includes an Induction for parents to understand the program better and get all their questions answered.

Yes, your child will get certificate based on the number of sessions completed

Upto 3 sessions – Beginner

Upto 6 sessions – Leader

All 10 sessions – Changemaker