Bhumi | Community Learning Centres
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Community Learning Centres

About This Project

The community programme by Bhumi consists of after school education and activity centres for children in urban slums.



To provide a safe and healthy environment to support children with basic skills in literacy, mathematics, trigger their social consciousness and help them discover their individual talents


The community centres are run by two tutors from the same community. The tutors are trained in academic delivery, engaging the children and connecting with the parents to ensure their involvement in the learning and growth of their children. Associates engage with the tutors to monitor the classes and support the tutors in their skill development and centre management.


Established in 2016, the ten community centres in and around North Chennai were the pilot stage of the programme. The programme is planned to expand fifty centres across Chennai in 2017.


Children of classes 3 – 8
350 Children are benefitting from the programme in the year 2016 – 17.
22 tutors are engaged with the programme.

Brief Description

Urban slum community centres for children