Bhumi | School Transformation programme
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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School Transformation programme

About This Project

The school transformation programme by Bhumi focuses on bringing social-emotional development into the school schedule.



Children from vulnerable backgrounds are less likely to have equitable outcomes in their adulthood and in the ensuing future. With the world changing rapidly and getting more complex with time, new social, economic and environmental challenges are bound to emerge; The next generation needs to be equipped with the confidence and adaptive skills to effectively tackle these.



Bhumi’s School Transformation programme focuses on bringing social-emotional development into the school schedule through:

  • Child Development: ‘Ready for the World’, a social-emotional development program for children aligned with established frameworks such as ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ (SEL); Teachers deploy this in classrooms with toolkits and support provided
  • Teacher Development: ‘Teachers to Changemakers’, a one-year development program for teachers that focuses on changing the teachers’ mindsets and behaviours to enable safe learning environments for children.

For the academic year 2017-18, Bhumi will be reaching out to around 50 teachers and 1500 children from Chennai and few surrounding semi-urban areas.

The school environment and the community are the next levels of influencers,

  • where we support the school with guidance and frameworks to ensure a conducive learning environment, and
  • sensitise the community on the emotional and social needs of the children.


Program Partner:

Bhumi has partnered with Learning Curve Life Skills Foundation, a not for profit organization based in Hyderabad, Telangana, which exists to empower children from under resourced and vulnerable backgrounds for equitable adulthood outcomes through a social-emotional development approach



The programme is currently ongoing in:

  • six schools within Chennai
  • five schools in Uthiramerur, Kanchipuram district

Bhumi also provides a Digital Literacy programme in seven schools in Oragaddam, Kanchipuram.



Children of classes 3 to 9 and their teachers

Brief Description

Teacher development and Life skills development for children