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Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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Computers – Kanini

About This Project

Kanini (meaning computer in Tamil), is a computer literacy programme for children – most of whom have never used a computer.


To ignite young minds to the endless possibilities of the computer, make the children functionally e-literate, and help them lay the foundation for a better career.


Kanini has a well-structured internally developed syllabus with courses and text books that cater to children’s varying requirements, interests and aptitudes.The basic course package consists of introduction to the Computer, basic software and hardware, Microsoft Office tools and the Internet. Advanced packages deal with programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, Photoshop etc.

Bhumi has partnered with NIIT Foundation to deliver an NIIT certified Basic IT course at one of our centres.


Ongoing at Bengaluru, Chennai, New Delhi, Pune and Tiruchirapalli


Children of classes 8-10

600 children are benefitting from the programme in 2013-2014
Over 1,400 children have benefitted from the programme since 2007

Brief Description

Computer Literacy Program