Bhumi | A Student Journey
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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A Student Journey

A Student Journey

Center/Students View

Bhumi View

(Zoho, Form, Website) view

Any volunteer can identify a new centre
Inform Chapter Support Team before visit
Follow the guidelines in the site below before visiting
Use the form to collect details about the center
The centre form processed for approval by Core Ignite team
Mark the centre ‘initiated’ or ‘dropped’ in zoho system
If approved, re-approach centre to collaborate
If the centre agrees, go to Centre Engagement. If no, drop the centre
Discuss with Centre on rules like clicking pictures if allowed, Child protection policies.
Centres engages with Bhumi by signing MoU.

MoU format could be found in 

click here 

Centre coordinators add centre details in zoho system.
Collect details of students from centre management
Access Student Database format at or ask your project LB
Student DB forwarded by ISSTs to ServiceDesk team for updation in zoho
A designated volunteer mapped to the centre by CSTs?
A student can be involved in one or two projects.
Project starts with academic year in June. For Kolkata alone, in January.
Students attendance to be marked by volunteer in zoho system after the session
Centre coordinator responsible for marking volunteer attendance in the zoho system
The first class is an ice-breaking session
Curriculum undertaken Ignite app -> Students attendance ->Class summary
BAT details in Ignite App -> Assessments
MYA conducted in the month of November. (project based)
Volunteer updates MYA results in zoho
LBs update Centre Visit Feedback form. Ignite app -> Utility Forms -> Centre Visit Feedback form
End of March or 16 days prior to annual examinations, End of Year Assessments (EYA) conducted.
LB gives details about the Pros and cons using LB transition form to new LBs
Volunteer records EYA results in Ignite app

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