Bhumi | Volunteer Den: Vandana Vasudev
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Volunteer Den: Vandana Vasudev

Volunteer Den: Vandana Vasudev

Let us know a little bit about yourself

I am Vandana Vasudev, a software engineer by profession.

Being an extrovert by nature I can strike a friendship with anyone including introverts.

I am passionate about cooking and volunteering. I think of my verticals in life as home, office and Bhumi.

Your journey in Bhumi

I joined Bhumi as a teacher volunteer in June 2019 and in less than a year I have become a Chapter Supoort member which I think is incredible.

During my journey in Bhumi, I feel I have always been a learner rather than a volunteer as Bhumi has taught me so much.

How has Bhumi altered you personally?

Prior to joining Bhumi my life seemed meaningless with no direction towards a goal.

On joining Bhumi as a volunteer I was able to understand how I could live for myself as well as be of use to the community at large. Bhumi has altered me and allowed me to expand my horizons. It has enabled me to give back to my community and become a better individual.

Memorable experience in Bhumi

A Nakshatra for differently-abled children was organised in 2019-2020 in Bengaluru. Being a part of the volunteer team and working with these magical children has been my most emotional and interesting experience in Bhumi.

The home where I was appointed the Home Specific Volunteer was for deaf and dumb children. In order to take part in the program, I took a crash course on sign language which enabled me to communicate with the children. I still cannot forget that experience, it is going to stay with me forever how love can be translated even without using words.

Any achievement in Bhumi 

My journey in Bhumi is itself an achievement. During the lockdown i took up the role of leading the Bengaluru Chapter. It was a challenging time, we had no reference from the past to learn and apply. But with the passionate support of our volunteers, innovative teaching techniques, online mediums even during this time we managed to impact the lives of 500+ children. This resilience to go beyond our means, this drive to give back, this love for our children, and the friendship with our co-volunteers is my greatest achievement.

Any specific special moment with kids or volunteers you would like to share with us.

It was during the Joy of Giving week 2019, when we visited an old age home as part of the ‘Care for Elders’ event. Interacting with the senior citizens the whole day made me realise and I understood that the hardships I face in life is nothing when compared to theirs.

Any shout out for your friends or fellow volunteers?

I thank every Bhumian who has inspired me and showed me the way of getting things done, stood by me in all circumstances and above all being made me a stronger human being! Thank you Bhumi you have changed my life.

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