Bhumi | A Volunteer Journey
Bhumi, NGO, Youth Organisation
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A Volunteer Journey

A Volunteer Journey

What do volunteers do?

What does Bhumi do?

What systems
(Zoho, Form, Website) do?

Prospect registers in Bhumi website
Prospect details (such as mobile no, Address, etc) are captured through the form in the website
Auto Generated welcome mail will be sent to all prospects
LB/ELDP will raise the request for an orientation slot in Zoho

After checking up the Volunteer requirement for the chapter, the HR team will approve or reject the Orientation slot.

Now the Orientation slot will be available/ reflect in RSVP form after approva


The social team will send chapter wise Orientation details on along with the RSVP form to registered volunteers in Email.
HR Coordinator should ensure that one of the presenters is available for the orientation slot. If not recruit a new presenter and make sure he/she gives Mock.
Volunteer attends the orientation

The program has to be selected immediately after the orientation (Ignite/Catalyse/REFRESH) in the form provided.

Volunteers program preference and orientation attendance are stored in zoho once they fill the orientation preference form in Zoho

Lead Bhumi Coordinator .ELDP Coordinator will raise the request for a pedagogy slot in Zoho for Ignite
The Content team (Arun) will approve the slot
Content & Training Lead to ensure that a Presenter or PoC is present in Pedagogy. If not recruit a new presenter and make sure he/she gives Mock.
Project PoCs will explain their project in their particular chapter
Collect Project preference

Pedagogy is done

attendance for all the volunteers attended will get captured in Zoho through the form.

Content team to Ensure we have at least 2 LBs/ old volunteers to attend panelist training for each project.


Following Pedagogy, One on one discussion will happen for the 2 preferred projects by the panelists

Volunteers will decide their projects.
If Ignite, the Centre preference is documented
Ensure a Project-specific Induction trainer is available for every project.

Volunteers  will be given :

  • Project-specific Training
  • Kit training (If applicable)
  • Resources training

Ignite Volunteers will be moved to the respective project/center by updating in the RSVP Tab in Zoho.

Ignite,volunteer will receive an invitation to access the Zoho application from [email protected] will be done by Ignite Service Desk 

For Ignite, Project LBs will mark attendance in Zoho.

Center or batch coordinator will be reaching out to centre management on Thursday or Friday for Class confirmation

Do lesson planning for that weekend

Pre-meet at least half an hour before the session on the weekend

Student attendance will be recorded in Zoho after starting the class.


Teaching based on the lesson planned.

Any Lead Bhumi, ELDP/ISST can do centre visits during class hours.

Documentation of syllabus and content tracking in Zoho

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